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Job Title: Assistant Store Manager
Date Posted: 08/01/23 Ref. Number: 421
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Keswick
Requirements: • Planning, Judgement and Decision Making.
• Planning and preparation for Inventory Management.
• Use judgment and decision-making skills to control expenses.
• Provides effective leadership and ongoing mentorship and ensures development of all staff.
• Efficient time management skills.
• Able to prioritize activities quickly in response to changing initiatives.
• Effective organization and planning skills.
• Previous retail management experience.
• Demonstrated ability to drive the business, led by example and support corporate programs.
• Works effectively with management team.
• Superior interpersonal, coaching and communication skills.
• Business and financial acumen.
• Relationship builder with key internal and external agencies.
Description: To assist the Front Store Manager (FSM) in managing the human, physical and financial resources of the store and in ensuring that store objectives are achieved by focusing on improving product flow from the backroom to the sales floor.
• Maintains Store Standards to optimize customer experience, drive customer traffic, and positively impact store profitability.
• Works with Management Team to ensure Store Standards are in effect 100% of the time, including the backroom.
• To help manage in conjunction with the FSM, labour scheduling and leverages Work Force Management (WFM) to maximize labour productivity.
• Ensures staffing levels are adequate to effectively operate the business.
• Complies with Human Resources Standards.
• To help with hiring in conjunction with the FSM, Hires and/or supports hiring for all departments, excluding Pharmacy.
• Maintains wage administration within SLPH guidelines.
• Drives Blue Culture, engagement, and leads and motivates staff through leading by our Core Values.
Hours per week:
Rate of Pay:
Contact: Sandra Hilliker
Telephone: 905-948-9996 Fax: 905-948-9920
Email: shilliker