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Job Title: Service Clerk
Date Posted: 08/18/23 Ref. Number: 356
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Brampton
Requirements: Basic level of numeracy skills and Ability to work independently and within a team in a fast-paced environment.
Description: Provide good customer service: Scan goods and ensure pricing is accurate, requesting price checks, Ask for donations from customers during donation campaigns and asking all customers for their rewards card, handling cash, debit and credit card payments, Memorization of produce codes and knowing the difference of produce items, Honoring and being informative of front end policies such as coupons, price matching, reward loyalty card, scanning code of practice. Maintaining receipts and records, Putting left behind items back in the proper place within the store when available to do so, Keep register area clean and organized, collect carts from outside and arrange them in there designated areas inside the store, to be responsible for their own safety and contribute to keeping the workplace free from hazards (Health and Safety training)
Hours per week: Monday-Friday / Weekend Availability TBD
Rate of Pay: TBD
Contact: Julia Cavaliere
Telephone: 905-453-7896 Fax: 905-453-7894