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Job Title: Supervisor - Quality Controller
Date Posted: 08/30/23 Ref. Number: 261
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Mississauga
Requirements: Minimum of 5 years of experience in the restoration/moving industry.
Exceptional attention to detail and the ability to identify quality issues.
Strong communication skills with assertiveness to address concerns and enforce quality standards effectively.
Proficiency in computer applications and database management.
Demonstrated ability to consistently identify and correct quality issues during inspections.
Thorough understanding and ability to closely follow and implement company quality standards.
Strong decision-making skills to make informed judgments regarding quality control measures.
Leadership skills to guide and motivate team members toward quality improvement.
Must possess a valid driving license.
Familiarity with health and safety protocols.
Description: Making, presenting and discussing the daily status and progress reports with the management. Taking the morning meeting with the crew before dispersing to discuss what happened the previous day and correcting actions to be taken.
Making sure the crew is dispersed in the morning with all the required briefing and materials required as per the job.
Monitor fieldwork and warehouse work to ensure compliance with company standards, procedures, specifications, and safety legislation.
Coordinate and attend after-hours emergency jobs (if any) to ensure services are completed as required as per the management
Develop and implement standards & workflows for Quality inspection
Documenting, and reporting service quality levels
Develop plans to help a company manage waste
Train the new and existing employees as and when required to reinforce quality standards
Ensure rules, Processes, and Protocols are followed by all employees
Random checks of job sites as and when required
Encircle Tracking, Reporting & Verification
Hours per week: Monday to Friday (40)
Rate of Pay: $20.00-$23.00 per hour
Contact: Sandra Araujo
Telephone: 905-453-7896 Fax: 905-453-7894