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Job Title: Experienced Dog Grooming Assistant/Pet Bather
Date Posted: 09/06/23 Ref. Number: 503
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Vaughan
Requirements: This is a commission-based position!!!

Looking for candidates who demonstrate compassion and patience working with animals and can succeed in physically and mentally strenuous environments. Please note that grooming dogs can be very physically demanding (lots of bending, lifting, and straining) and mentally challenging when working with dogs who may not be cooperative during grooming.

This opportunity will be a stepping stone for those looking to make dog grooming a career, with advancement opportunities to work towards becoming a senior groomer and beyond. A career in pet grooming is also financially rewarding as your compensation is commission-based and tips-based (averaging $17 to $25 per hour).

1) Candidates without THEIR OWN VEHICLE may not be considered, as this job will require you to work hours or days that may make it difficult to rely on public transportation. If you are hired, you may be required to work for both Markham and Vaughan stores.

2) This job is PHYSICALLY DEMANDING. Working with live dogs in a grooming environment requires employees to pay close attention to detail, be quick-thinking, and have physical endurance (to lift and hold dogs, stay bent over, or standing for long periods of time). This job may not be suitable for all people.
Description: Experienced bathers and grooming assistants, who are seeking a more mature compensation model and are looking to further their skills to eventually become a professional groomer.


Pet Bather / Dog Grooming Assistant / Associate Dog Stylist:

Prepare pets for finishing grooming as requested (e.g. nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary area trimming, de-matting, brush-out, etc.)
Bathe and dry pets,
Assist in the handling of pets,
Pickup and clean up after dogs,
Prepare and refill grooming supplies,
Clean and disinfect grooming tools,
Tidy, clean, vacuum, mop, and disinfect workstation, sinks, tubs and facility,
Empty trash bins and discard the garbage

Be at least 18 years of age or older
High school graduate
Completion of an online or in-person dog care or pet grooming certificate program
Be able to legally work in Canada (SIN # or work permits must be provided)
Be flexible with working hours

Be responsible, honest, and reliable
Have an excellent work ethic
Be able to work in a team or individually (self-motivated)
Be willing to learn new things and take constructive criticism
Be calm and assertive around dogs and have an understanding of dog behavior
Be attentive to detail

This position will provide a full-time workload but can be part-time depending on business needs and your own personal situation.

The grooming salon is open Mondays through Saturdays (typically from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
Hours per week: 35-44
Rate of Pay: $17–$25 (commision based
Contact: Oksana Bachynska
Telephone: 905-948-9996 Fax: 905-948-9920