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Job Title: Finisher
Date Posted: 09/12/23 Ref. Number: 268
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Mississauga
Requirements: We are looking for a Finisher who thrives in fast paced environment with strong attention to details
Qualified candidates will have previous finishing experience, preferably in museum, trade show or event industry

Description: Disassemble items to prepare them for finishing, using hand tools.
Examine furniture to determine the extent of damage or deterioration, and to decide on the best method for repair or restoration.
Fill and smooth cracks or depressions, remove marks and imperfections, and repair broken parts, using plastic or wood putty, glue, nails, and/or screws.
Follow blueprints to produce specific designs.
Mix finish ingredients to obtain desired colors or shades.
Remove accessories prior to finishing, and mask areas that should not be exposed to finishing processes or substances.
Hours per week: Monday-Sunday (44)
Rate of Pay: TBD
Contact: Sandra Araujo
Telephone: 905-453-7896 Fax: 905-453-7894