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Job Title: Production Coordinator - Packaging (Customer Service Representative of Packaging)
Date Posted: 09/19/23 Ref. Number: 830
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Markham
Requirements: Qualifications:
● Post Secondary Diploma or Degree in related fields.
● 3+ years experience in a customer service role in a label / packaging environment
● Printing background knowledge in digital and offset is required
● Demonstrated work experience in tracking and managing customer orders
● Ability to work independently; make sound decisions; team player
● Strong organizational skills, detail oriented, possess the ability to multi-talk and manage
competing priorities
● Strong understanding of the graphic arts/printing industry
● Experience in sales or customer service and/or experience in printing or graphic arts industries.
● Excellent command of the English language in both written and oral forms.
● Strong interpersonal skills e.g. working well with others, communication, positive attitude.
● Good math skills.
● Ability to identify and meet customers’ needs and requirements.
● Strong attention to details, possessing a sales aptitude and interested in preventing errors and
solving problems.
● Must be computer literate and current on new technology with the ability to learn new
software/technology as required.
● Must be hardworking, a self-starter and a problem solver.
● Demonstrated excellence in organization and time management skills. Able to perform multiple
tasks efficiently.
● Exceptional phone and customer service skills.

Working Conditions:
● Intensive computer work and extended use of the computer keyboard and mouse.
● Sitting for prolonged periods of time - up to 8.50 hours per day.
● Working on-site and/or remotely as required at the sole discretion of the company. Hybrid
schedule but subject to change.
● Occasional lifting of objects up to 25 lbs.
● Work area may have fluorescent lighting and air conditioning.
● Noise level is usually moderate to loud.
● Exposure to ink and chemical fumes, and airborne particles such as paper dust and drying powder.
● Appearance at all times must represent the company image.
● Fast-paced environment: subject to numerous schedule and priority changes and short notice
● Occasional additional hours may be required due to operational requirements
Additional Duties: This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to
be performed. You will be expected to follow any other job-related instructions
and to perform other job-related duties as requested by your supervisor.

The role is Hybrid, urgent. The salary amount depends on the level of experience.
Description: Report to Manager of Operations.
Job Summary: The Customer Service Representative of Packaging is responsible for
establishing and maintaining profitable and mutually beneficial relationships with
customers on behalf of the company by taking personal and complete
responsibility for each customer contact and by ensuring that all customer
requirements are completely met. The Customer Service Representative of
Packaging has primary responsibility for ensuring that customer needs are met.
As the Customer Service Representative of Packaging, you are the primary
internal representative of our organization, you must convey to the customer a
sense of expertise in our printing services and capabilities, and you serve as a key
educator to our community and customers.
You are a member of the Production Team, and together you are accountable for
meeting the monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue and sales goals of the
company. The sales and strategic marketing activities of your team will be
designed to achieve these revenue goals. These in turn are key to meeting all of
the company goals:
● Guarantee satisfaction and value for our customers.
● Contribute to a work environment that fosters pride in being part of a
winning team and promotes personal growth.
● Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that make possible
attractive financial returns so that the company may continue to provide
excellent service to our customers and ensure job security and career growth
to our staff.
● Educate and familiarize yourself with new technologies and product offerings made available by the company.
You and your team are responsible for supporting the company vision and
mission. Because you will be in contact with current and prospective customers,
and you are in a strong position to influence their satisfaction, educate , inform
and add value to the experience of doing business with the company. This position requires tact, sensitivity, and professionalism.
Responsibilities and Duties:
General and Administrative
● Communicate effectively with the CSR Supervisor, and the Production Team, informing and
updating them regularly.
● Comply with all OHSA safety requirements and Company’s health and safety policies.
● Participate as a key player in the Production Team by supporting operations as needed.
● Follow systems and procedures outlined in our Procedure Manual.
● Other duties as assigned.
Customer Service
● Support the Sales Team and provide front-line service and/or support to Customers regarding
packaging products and when needed, non-package related products.
● Establish and maintain a strong client relationship acting as a point of contact between the
Company and it’s Customer’s to meet and exceed their expectations
● Responsible for gathering all information for new customers including but not limited to, credit
application, new customer onboarding form, item specifications, graphics.
● Field customer inquiries regarding product information, pricing, quotes, job status, shipping and
delivery information.
● Receive customer sales orders and order changes either directly from customers or from Sales
Representatives and record, process and place orders timely and accurately.
● Receive and respond promptly to customer complaints regarding quality assurance, questions and
follow-up with appropriate internal personnel as required to improve customer service.
● Schedule and lead meetings for new customers, new product items and roll outs.
● Review and maintain customer inventory records and reports and manage min/max levels.
● Solve basic file issues to resolve defects, file and/or possible pre-production and/or
post-production issues.
● Respond to customer’s emails, telephone calls, voicemails, live chat in regards to their job orders
● Acknowledge and appropriately greet and assist every customer in a timely manner.
● Process customer orders in a courteous, efficient and timely manner.
● Organize workflow to meet customer deadlines.
● Effectively present and discuss the products and services of the company, soliciting only those
desired products/services provided by the company and its vendors to current and prospective
customers in a way that conveys an image of quality, integrity and superior understanding and
delivery of customer needs.
● Request reprints, process upcharges, flip change requests to the prepress department.
● Manage telephone calls professionally, efficiently and with good communication skills.
● Manage voicemail professionally. Return calls promptly.
● Manage email use. Check frequently and reply with confirmation. Encourage the use of email by
all of your clients.
● Process cancellations or shipping refunds in a timely manner.
● Regularly provide accurate status updates on the internal dashboard.
● Attend customer complaints and concerns immediately, and facilitate satisfactory resolution.
● Be honest and proactive about timelines and job problems/delays.
● Any and all other duties as assigned by the manager and/or designee(s)
Sales and Marketing
● Support Customer Sales through service, education, and effective problem solving. Involve
appropriate team members as needed.
● Introduce new products and services to clients frequently. Help position the company as a leader in our field.
● Support strategic sales plan and marketing strategies outlined by the sales team, and facilitate
joint marketing calls where applicable.
● Other duties as assigned.
Hours per week: hybrid 40
Rate of Pay: 45K-55 K annualy
Contact: Oksana Bachynska
Telephone: 905-948-9996 Fax: 905-948-9920