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Job Title: Welder / Fitter
Date Posted:
01/09/18 Ref. Number: 838
Full Time Part Time
Location: Stouffville, ON
Requirements:       Welders Certificate and three years’ experience in vertical, flat and overhead stick welding. Ability to work outdoors, must be able to withstand difficult conditions caused by dust, temperature changes and weather. Ability to work independently and in a team environment. Keeping up to date on advances in technology and updating skills.
Description: Use manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal pieces using processes such as gas tungsten arc (TIG or GTAW), gas metal arc (MIG or GMAW), flux-cored arc (FAW), plasma arc (PAW), shielded metal arc (SMAW), oxy-acetylene (OAW), resistance welding and submerged arc welding (SAW). Operate manual or semi-automatic flame-cutting equipment. Operate metal shaping machines, such as brakes, shears and other metal straightening and bending machines. Repair worn parts of metal products by welding on extra layers. Read and interpret blueprints or welding process specifications. Custom fabrication, building and repair, precision welding, pressure vessel welding, pipeline construction welding, structural construction welding or machinery, and equipment repair welding as required. Operate previously set up welding machines, such as spot, butt and seam resistance or gas and arc welding machines, to fabricate or repair metal parts. Start up, shut down, adjust and monitor a robotic welding production line. Assist with the maintenance and repair of welding, brazing and soldering equipment.
Hours per week: Monday - Friday ( 40 )
Rate of Pay: $27.00 to $30.77 per hour with Benefits
Contact: Brian MacKenzie
905-948-9996 Fax: 905-948-9920

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