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Job Title: Superintendent (Condominium Property)
Date Posted:
04/11/18 Ref. Number: 124
Full Time Part Time
Location: Markham
Requirements:       Minimum of 1 year experience in a similar role. Good communication skills. Mechanical aptitude (such as experience in boiler, compressor and pumps) is an asset.
Description: Superintendent is accountable to the site Property Manager, subject to the direction and guidance of senior Management Company personnel. Required to meet their Property Manager every morning upon his/her arrival on site, to alert him/her to developments of the previous evening or weekend, and to any problems perceived during the morning rounds. Handle repairs in the building that they are qualified and capable of performing. Check the equipment (i.e. compressors, pumps etc.) in all mechanical, electrical, pool and sauna rooms each and every morning to verify that they are in proper working condition. Monitor and maintain the locker and delivery rooms as necessary. They must also ensure that the appropriate doors are locked and re-opened in accordance with established times and policies.
Hours per week: TBD ( 40 )
Rate of Pay: TBD
Contact: Heidi Luz

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